​​​​Leadership is complicated. Don’t go it alone.™


OUR philosophy & FOCUS

We deliver small group leadership education and training using our unique program.



GrowthCore’s philosophy, which is grounded in research and proven in practice, explores how leadership influences and impacts an organization's ability to craft strategy, sustain execution, spur innovation, and cultivate change.

We consider ourselves trusted advisors collaborating to build leadership influence and impact.

our leadership drivers

We lead strategy, innovation, planning, and training sessions for leaders at all types of organizations.



We work closely with leaders at all levels to explore and enhance their leadership thinking.  

Leadership is...

  • ​​Relational
  • Contextual
  • Flexible
  • Learnable

Matt O'Connor

Matt has nearly 20 years experience working with leaders at hundreds of business, non-profit, education, and government organizations. 

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